Dylan is founder and winemaker. He started this little biz a few years back and hasn’t looked back. While being winemaker for LS Merchants, Cape Grace Wines and clients, he still finds time to squeeze in a surf or go mountain biking, diving, fishing and exploring the region. Dylan has also dabbled in DJing and still plays parties here and there. If you happen to visit the winery there will no doubt be house music or breaks playing. Born in Blenheim, NZ and raised in Geelong, VIC. Moved West in 2009 with no plans to leave Margaret River anytime soon.

When not drinking wine he’ll be drinking some new craft brews from Rocky Ridge or Beer Farm



Born and raised in Geelong too but actually met Dylan in Perth in 2010 and they have pretty much been together since. Knowing literally nothing about wine before she met Dylan, this ride has sure been a learning curve. She jokes now that she still knows nothing compared to Dylan but knows a hell of a lot more than her friends.

Taryn does the books, pays the bills, packs orders, answers emails, helps in the winery whether it be during vintage or blending/bottling and just generally keeps Dylan in line. She also loves mountain biking, running, and walking the endless trails and beaches. While still a Victorian at heart, loves the relaxed vibe and being surrounding by the natural beauty of Margaret River and West Aus.

When not drinking wine, she’ll be drinking G&Ts.


Mel B

Mel is a new addition to the team this year. She’s based in Perth and has a massive crush on lo-fi/minimal intervention wines.  

In Mels own words - “I love to work with people who are as passionate about their wine and their craft as I am about drinking it.  I often joke that I fell into this gig because I was a fan girl of LS Merchants long before becoming their sales and events girl.  I still fan girl over all our wines and my palate has been pushed in new directions since joining the team. Outside of work I love to travel to new places, get my hoon on at the drag strip, entertain our friends at home (we do a mean Texas BBQ), and I simply adore my amazing little family.


The best looking but least productive team member.

He’s a four year old kelpie/border-collie. When people visit the winery he will immediately give them a stick or bung to throw as a welcome gift. He’ll chase things as long as you’re throwing them and sleep if you’re not. He loves to swim, knows the mountain bike trails better than Taryn and is really scared of cats, boxes and the vacuum… among other things.