the story of ls merchants

It’s all because a young winemaker from Geelong wanted something more from Margaret River than Cab Sauv and Chardy. Dylan Arvidson was born in Blemheim NZ, raised in Geelong VIC and moved to Margaret River in 2009 after being offered a job at Juniper Estate. He realised early on that although his favourite variety to drink and make is Chardonnay, his passion lay in finding obscure varieties or fruit not typically well known in our region and making it into the best possible example of that variety. Throwing the text books away and working on flavours rather than analysis and taking winemaking back to basics.


Dylan experimented for a few years, making tiny batches to test on friends before deciding to give it a proper go.

That was 2015. We bought just 5 tonnes of fruit that year and boy were we nervous! (and excited!)

Fast forward to 2019 and we make almost 20 different varieties, styles and blends, all made with a minimalistic winemaking approach, wild fermentation where possible and a lot of experimentation; the former to express the varietal characters, the latter to push the boundaries of conventional winemaking and produce interesting and enticing styles.

“Our aim is to have fun making interesting styles of wine, explore the different sub regions in the south west, throw a dinner party here and there and get involved with other people pushing the realms of food and wine without taking ourselves too seriously”

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Production is very small, the experimental wines are usually only one or two barrels so please get in contact to see what we are currently offering and where you can find it!

Read more about us and what we do here.

Follow us on the gram @ls.merchants and check the events page for parties and fun times.

Cheers, Dyl and Taryn