Vintage 2019 done and dusted!

This vintage was looong. Mild weather through December and January provided great conditions for our whites to develop. Unfortunately frost back in late 2018 in Frankland River decimated the Pinot Gris block so instead of 4-5 tonne, we only received 700kgs. Not ideal but it’s the growers in those frost affected regions that really suffered this year. Frost also affected the Walron and #470 shiraz vines, we weren’t sure if we were going to get any at all. We’re such a small fish in a big pond so we just have to put our hat in the ring and say ‘I want this many tonnes’ to the grower, and then you get what your given!! We mostly received less than what we wanted, but were able to make it up with some other varieties, so look out for some new styles later this year!

 Less blossom on the trees this year meant the birds feasted on the grapes. We also had kangaroos get into our tiny vineyard on Osmington! We took over the vineyard when it was completely overgrown and have been pruning and nurturing it for a few years now and this year we got some fruit!! Just enough shiraz to go into the Beer Farm Shirazzaweiss, so that was exciting.

 Our new press worked a treat once we figured out how to use it. The days of endless shoveling are over as we can now tip it with the forklift. Hooray!

New winery has been great, the bbq is out there for sausage sizzles and late night snacks to keep us all happy.

 Reds across the board are very good, fantastic concentration of flavours and acid due to the great weather through Feb and March. Rain threatened to set in and Dylan was constantly checking weather reports but we were able to hold off picking until the flavours were where we wanted them to be. Mataro and Cabernet in particularly responded well to the perfect temperatures and thankfully we could leave them on the vines a bit longer. Picking grapes after rain means less fruit concentration as the vines soak up the water.

We have now out of quite a few wines; Mataro, Chenin, 470 shiraz, Waldron shiraz are sold out from the warehouse although still available at selected stockists… but they wont last long.

July means Bottling! Yay.

Bottling 2019 whites and the last of the 2018 reds.

Which means new wines coming soon!

Dylan and Taryn