Ciao Italy

Ciao Italy!

I am lucky enough to be heading over to Tuscany, in particular the Chianti region, this weekend for a 2 month stint as Vintage Winemaker at Coli family wines. It has been an extremely last minute decision as I only returned from holiday in Indonesia!

This week has therefore consisted of running around buying Italian phrase books, guides to Italy, maps of Rome, notes from friends such as "the bottle shop opposite the piazza, downstairs, old barolo, it's a must", scouring Google maps for said bottle shop, willing the euro/aud to go up just for a few days and finally undertaking a spring racking on all of wines at Cape Grace. I'm happy to report everything is looking great, the Cape Grace reds are developing perfectly as the oak integrates and the tannins soften these will turn into graceful albeit powerful wines. My Forest Hill Shiraz is looking very pretty, the 90% whole bunch is showing amazing raspberry and blue berry fruits! The Petit Sauvage (Petit Verdot) is still a beast, lots of tannin and lots of acid, there is some wonderful raspberry and red currant flavors in there we just have to wait for the tannins to soften out!

I have never wanted to write a blog as such, but I think writing semi-coherent ramblings to keep tabs on wine progress and gloat about worldwide adventures is OK.

Ciao for now,